About Us


Hi There!

Welcome to our site! We are happy to spread cheer with fun merch that showcases your devotion to your truck!  


It all started with a '73 Chevy we now call VUM thanks to a 2 year old girl named Stina. Fast forward 30 years and Stina would meet Big Spence and the rest is history....


Virtually every adventure we go on starts with a truck & this business is a tribute to all they do for us. Yes, sometimes they do break down... but life is more fun with trucks!


Even if you don't own a truck, think about all the products you use on a daily basis. All of that is provided because a truck drove it to the store or delivered it to your house. Trucks are important to everyone's life in some way.


We hope you enjoy our merch & we appreciate your help in spreading awareness of this very important topic. 


Check out our ladies site cooltruckgirlshit.com for our gear for badass women! 


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Stina & Big Spence